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The Mothman is a creature from legend, supposedly seen in West Virginia in the late 1960s. It is the size of a human, with the head and wings of a moth.
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gennaro says:    

I would like to see more of the mothman

mark says:    

ridiculous: they had cameras in 1966 with telephoto lenses I think. someone should have at least 1 GOOD pic in 100 sightings. the bridge picture is dated /03, not 66 orr 67.

mystery says:    

he is a wonderful creature even as my sub told us this in 2013 it is still way better than the new kind of mein black as to the movie is not the same read mothman phroficies

mystery says:    

Emily i think he was trying to warn us i love this story so much my email is MothMan

mystery says:    

lexi can you tell me why you are scared of him i think he is an inspiration trying to save us from falling off of the silver bridge but that is your opinion but mine is my sub was wrong for this particular moment he said that mothman is a more evil spirit than good as no-one is always right

carly says:    

i don't like the mothman i just looked at some pictures and the mothman does not have a head!!!!!

Emily Newlon says:    

Did the Mothman try to warn us.

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Ronald Clark says:

When I was 8 years old I seen this very creature crouched on top of power pole on a Saturday morning at approx. 7:45 am at my grandmothers house her house was off the Ohio river in Meigs county Ohio. I will never forget the body type it had skin that looked like a bat it had long wings that seem to cover most of the creatures body it also had a very large body and very red eyes. When I seen him I ran back in off the porch to tell my mother and grandmother by the time I got there attention and they came back to the porch he was gone. I will gladly take a lie detector test to prove it. That day I will never forget...It was Demonic for sure.

toni says:

Is the Smithsonian within

athena says:

i need to know if the mothman eats people or not beecause i might go and see him this summer if hes reall or not and im going to go and find him

jared says:

I learned about mothman at the age of 8. It all started when I was looking for possibe reasons why the Ohio bridge was destroyed and who did it and I noticedd a tall dark winged figure at the top of the bridge so I searched him and the results : the mothman.

Rich says:

Looks like a rotting fish head to me probably a Pike or Muskie...Mothman my a$$!!!

jeffrey scott says:

Can you believe some people think mothmans angel Mothman is clearly just another demon created by satan! I have given him a specific name now, the demon of destruction. One of the ryders on the devils horse! He caused the silver bridge collaspe, 9/11, and the jappenase tsunami.

jeffrey scott says:

I find mothman intresting. He was seen during 9/11 flying near the twin towers, as everybody knows over the silver bridge before it collasped. It was said to have been seen flying over japan during that tsunami.

gennaro says:

I would like to see more of the mothman

mark says:

ridiculous: they had cameras in 1966 with telephoto lenses I think. someone should have at least 1 GOOD pic in 100 sightings. the bridge picture is dated /03, not 66 orr 67.

Julie says:

Whilst Freakin Cow..... I just realized that year's ago here in Columbus, Ohio I think I saw The Moth man...I had decided to go for a walk with my kids down our street and it had just became dark out... we wanted to go out and look st the stars like we love to do... and I noticed this Big Black Bat the size of a medium dog sitting on the electric line... It had Red Eyes and when it flew it's wing span was like 4 feet across... It followed us on our entire walk... I didn't want to make a big deal about it because I didn't want to scare my kids... but It Freaked me out enough that we Never walked at Night again... And when I saw a picture and documentary about the mothman I Realized that is what I saw... All I can Say is Wow... I am in Shock that is what I saw...and it makes since with the legend of the mothman and the series of Events that has happened in my Life since seeing the Mothman.....

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